Purchases (Mar-Apr ‘18)

I thought I’d post a quick update with my purchases during the last couple of months. The year started very quiet with no purchases at first, but there’s always the normal post-Christmas recovery!

My first arcade delivery was from a fellow collector, Tony Temple (arcadeblogger). Tony kindly supplied some parts for my Space Fever project (as someone had previously hacked the control panels, resulted in missing parts):



Tony also supplied me with the artwork files he’d put together for his Space Fever cocktail control panels. As my Space Fever is a Japanese cocktail, all of the artwork is in Japanese, so I wanted to keep it that way. A bit of tinkering in Photoshop and I sent the files to Olly (arcadeartshop.com) for printing. A couple of weeks later, a package arrived:


Massive thanks to Olly as they came out great.

My next purchase was something that popped up on my eBay feed and is more art than arcade I suppose:


The seller does a lot of laser etching of motorsport memorabilia and seems to have recently branched out into arcade marquees. He’ll do any marquee you want, so my obvious first choice was Donkey Kong! For anyone that would like one, the seller’s eBay ID is: auto_art_uk

After this, the serious purchases started to arrive. My fellow collector and friend Paul drove to my house with a long awaited addition to my collection in the back of his car! After a good few hours tackling the M1, Paul arrived and we unloaded my latest addition:


Ever since the arrival of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong 3, I NEEDED to add Donkey Kong Junior to the lineup! This cabinet is in amazing condition and could hold its own in my lineup after a quick clean:





Not really any cigarette burns anywhere (even the control panel overlay, which are normally yellowed and warped) and even the coin door is straight!

The cab even has the original side art:


I know there are some in the community that will disagree, but I will end up replacing the side art, but that’s mainly because I’ll end up repainting/laminating the whole cabinet.

The game itself plays great with only the monitor requiring a few caps due to a heavy droop on the left hand side of the screen. I’ve got plans for a full cap kit when I restore the cabinet. The power supply is currently not working (I have it running off a switcher), so that will get the same treatment too to see if I can revive it.

I thought that was the last big purchase for a while and then as it always happens, the eBay temptation descended. My fascination with the origins of Nintendo in the arcade scene led me to a listing for a very interesting board set. A few frantic minutes of early morning bidding and it was mine! It’s currently working its way over the great blue, so I only have listing pictures at the moment:


It looks like a regular 4 board Donkey Kong boardset, but the eagle-eyed will notice the connectors connected to the board aren’t the ‘normal’ black connectors. These connectors were found in the very early Japanese Donkey Kong boardsets. This is then further backed up by the silk screened code TKG (with no number):


I don’t have a cabinet for this board, but it sits nicely in the collection alongside my TKG2 boardset.

That’s it for now, although I am in discussions with someone at the moment around purchasing a Mario Bros wiring loom to get me a step closer to having all the parts for my Mario Bros cocktail build.

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